Writing Prompt #1 — Premature Sale

Before my first story of this new series, I’d like to explain it a little. When I’ve hit a road block with my current writing schedule, I write prompts over at /r/writingprompts. With these posts here, I plan on editing and re-posting the ones that get more than average attention, or ones that I personally enjoy. Without further adieu, here we go…

Prompt: You want to sell your soul to the devil, but you find out your parents already did when you were a baby. You must now sort it out with underworld collections.

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Looking for Beta Readers!

It’s that time again! My second book, currently untitled, is set to release in July. Thus, I’m looking for some kind, but critical, beta readers to help make the book the best it can be.

If interested, please contact me via email (themicahcastle@gmail.com), or through Twitter (@Micah_Castle).

Those who do help will be listed in the “Thanks To” page on the book, also will receive a free digital copy (or paperback copy, depending on how many beta readers and how well the book does) upon release.